STROng rowformer - previous f45 studio owners

Basically all our F45's were ticking over but when we took our eyes off the ball we dropped away, realised our systems needed work, marketing, pricing, communications, sales etc so Trish came in and we've never looked back.

The best things about Trish is she's owned gyms but also manages all the best F45's, pilates & yoga studios from around Australia.

She doesn't hold you to strict contracts do you can ask for whatever help & pull it back or increase or whatever but the little opportunity she did have to provide assistance immediately correlated in sales so she more than pays for herself. Ramsey & I have been to Sydney and she has a amazing team who she manages and visits Melbourne every month.

She is all over MindBody, the system, how to market it & we received 114 sales of one of her e-mails