One Fitness 247

"Our work with Trish Freeman at Oxigen Fitness aimed to reduce our learning time for the Mindbody system and assisted us with having a broader understanding of how the software worked for our business. We were thrilled when Trish assisted us in correcting and minimising the workload involved in setting up the various options for us on the Mindbody site. Trish assisted in implementing easier processes for our operational side with setting up our new gym which therefore creates effective time management and quality procedures to follow through with. Her business support and advice has been delivered extremely well and we have taken onboard her marketing and strategy ideas and this has helped us attain effective results in a minimum time frame.

What we appreciate most about working with Trish is her ability to deliver results immediately and to be on call for problem solving at any time. I believe that Trish can assist all Mindbody clients with their day-to-day learning and solving of their software needs. She has been a great asset to our business."