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F45 301 Kent St Sydney

"We engaged Trish to initially to overhaul our MindBody account to ensure we understood our members better, implementing systems for our staff to manage classes efficiently and helped us understand financial issues such as unpaid accounts and membership revenue projection. Subsequently Trish has also helped us develop sales and marketing systems for our business, utilising her knowledge not just of MindBody but also the fitness industry."


F45 Training Maribyrnong

"It was daunting going into a new business until I met Trish. Immediately there was a sense of confidence and direction when everything felt confusing and messy. There were strategies and ideas given to me that absolutely came in handy. Since opening merely 4 months ago, I am completely happy with where the business is sitting at the moment."


F45 Training Geraldton

"Trish has taught me everything I need to know over the phone to do with Mindbody, Mobipost, emailing, social media marketing, you name it we have covered it. She goes above and beyond to make sure I understand even taking on some roles herself when I know how busy she is. Our F45 dream is now a reality thanks to Trish."


F45 Training Sandgate

"Trish has made me feel confident with software I knew nothing about and continues to help me successfully grow my business."



"Just following up on all the help and assistance you have given me during my MindBody Online set up for my new personal training business.
The knowledge and support you gave me was amazing! It saved me so much time and effort trying to figure out the best way to set up all of my products to best serve my clients.
You went above and beyond throughout the whole process.
Thanks for getting all of my products set up and providing me with the right information to grow and build my business. 
Very much appreciated!"


One Fitness 247

"Our work with Trish Freeman at Oxigen Fitness aimed to reduce our learning time for the Mindbody system and assisted us with having a broader understanding of how the software worked for our business. We were thrilled when Trish assisted us in correcting and minimising the workload involved in setting up the various options for us on the Mindbody site. Trish assisted in implementing easier processes for our operational side with setting up our new gym which therefore creates effective time management and quality procedures to follow through with. Her business support and advice has been delivered extremely well and we have taken onboard her marketing and strategy ideas and this has helped us attain effective results in a minimum time frame.

What we appreciate most about working with Trish is her ability to deliver results immediately and to be on call for problem solving at any time. I believe that Trish can assist all Mindbody clients with their day-to-day learning and solving of their software needs. She has been a great asset to our business."


F45 Training Glebe

"Trish helped us deliver some amazing results (we are now on track to hit our end of year member target several months early, which a month ago was looking unattainable). This was beyond our expectations in terms of service provided, advice given and the speed at which the changes have transformed our business. She is someone we will continue working with as her experience is invaluable."


Body Conscious

"I really want to thank you SO MUCH for coming out to my studio to ‘rescue’ me before my big weekend Grand Launch. I couldn’t have completed the new membership sales without your help."