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"It's initially scary handing over something you've grown and cared for daily to someone else. But our Body Fit Training Studios have experienced first hand the benefits of Oxigen consulting. We have been able to grow our memberships by more than 30% whilst focusing on the core of our business, The members!! We now can focus on the growth of our 4 studios and development of our staff and trainers. Trish, Danielle and the team have allowed us to now take our focus off the daily grind and start to strategically plan for studio growth and empowering our staff to make the business work."


STROng rowformer - previous f45 studio owners

Basically all our F45's were ticking over but when we took our eyes off the ball we dropped away, realised our systems needed work, marketing, pricing, communications, sales etc so Trish came in and we've never looked back.

The best things about Trish is she's owned gyms but also manages all the best F45's, pilates & yoga studios from around Australia.

She doesn't hold you to strict contracts do you can ask for whatever help & pull it back or increase or whatever but the little opportunity she did have to provide assistance immediately correlated in sales so she more than pays for herself. Ramsey & I have been to Sydney and she has a amazing team who she manages and visits Melbourne every month.

She is all over MindBody, the system, how to market it & we received 114 sales of one of her e-mails


F45 Training Tweed Heads

"I have been a full-time manager of an F45 Studio for over 3 years. Since having Oxigen Business Consulting on board, I have never felt so supported in my position then in the last 6 months since they started helping us. The admin support allows me to focus on the studio in creating a better community environment and ensuring my staff are performing at 100% at all times. I am able to focus on working collectively with the Marketing team at Oxigen to sustain a large list of genuine leads on a month to month basis with the support in Social media scheduling and marketing campaigns.

Our business has grown at a rapid rate since the inclusion of Oxigen and I put this down to continual outreach marketing behind the scenes and structural procedures in place to ensure every member/ lead and general inquiry is not being missed. As a single person in this position, this support has been amazing for my overall positive member movement and retention outcomes."



I initially approached Trish at Oxigen Business Consulting because I wanted help to increase my member numbers, as well as look after my database in my first F45 Training studio.

Since working with Trish and Danielle over the last 4 years, they have helped grow and manage my businesses and have constantly gone above and beyond. They have achieved amazing results in creating member and sale processes; training staff and making them accountable; and taking care of everything to do with Mindbody (which is not the easiest platform to use). Danielle has also greatly improved my social media pages and has achieved great results in bringing leads into my businesses.

Their ongoing support and help has allowed me to open 4 studios in 4 years!

Their results speak for themselves, as my studios now look after almost 1200 members. Trish and Danielle are very professional and they care greatly about their clients. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for any type of assistance in growing their fitness business!



"Just following up on all the help and assistance you have given me during my MindBody Online set up for my new personal training business.
The knowledge and support you gave me was amazing! It saved me so much time and effort trying to figure out the best way to set up all of my products to best serve my clients.
You went above and beyond throughout the whole process.
Thanks for getting all of my products set up and providing me with the right information to grow and build my business. 
Very much appreciated!"


One Fitness 247

"Our work with Trish Freeman at Oxigen Fitness aimed to reduce our learning time for the Mindbody system and assisted us with having a broader understanding of how the software worked for our business. We were thrilled when Trish assisted us in correcting and minimising the workload involved in setting up the various options for us on the Mindbody site. Trish assisted in implementing easier processes for our operational side with setting up our new gym which therefore creates effective time management and quality procedures to follow through with. Her business support and advice has been delivered extremely well and we have taken onboard her marketing and strategy ideas and this has helped us attain effective results in a minimum time frame.

What we appreciate most about working with Trish is her ability to deliver results immediately and to be on call for problem solving at any time. I believe that Trish can assist all Mindbody clients with their day-to-day learning and solving of their software needs. She has been a great asset to our business."


F45 Training Glebe

"Trish helped us deliver some amazing results (we are now on track to hit our end of year member target several months early, which a month ago was looking unattainable). This was beyond our expectations in terms of service provided, advice given and the speed at which the changes have transformed our business. She is someone we will continue working with as her experience is invaluable."


Body Conscious

"I really want to thank you SO MUCH for coming out to my studio to ‘rescue’ me before my big weekend Grand Launch. I couldn’t have completed the new membership sales without your help."