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Technology and software is a vital part to any business. Within the healthcare industry online systems play a crucial role in delivering efficiency and effective management tools, and as a result we have partnered with the leaders in this field.


sms/mms marketing platform

MOBIPOST is a cloud-based platform that allows clients to send highly targeted SMS campaigns to individuals, or specific groups of clients, members, ex-members or prospects.


email marketing platform

MailChimp is the world’s leading email marketing platform. 15 million customers, from small e-commerce shops to big online retailers, use MailChimp to express themselves to the world.


Online Business Management Software

MINDBODY Online emerged from a simple idea: small business owners deserve the time to do what they love. From its first iteration, MINDBODY software has turned that vision into the technology that links tens of thousands of health, wellness, and beauty professionals to the millions of clients they serve.

Today, they're the leading global online marketplace for wellness services — and like the speed of technology itself, they’re blazing ahead toward limitless possibilities. More info