F45 has been one of the fastest-growing franchises in the world. The name, short for Function 45, gives you a taste of what you’re signing up to. It’s 45 minutes of functional and group training HIIT workout and you get a different type of class every day because of their rotating schedule. It’s even impressed celebrities like Hugh Jackman, Nicole Richie and Mark Wahlberg even decided to invest!

It’s amazing to think that this franchise that started in Australia is now taking over the world. We, here at Oxigen Business Consulting, have been blessed to be able to consult some of the F45 studios in Australia and in UK. Assisting them with business management with our expertise in MindBody

The founder of Oxigen Business Consulting, Trish Freeman, was even featured in The Sydney Morning Herald in which they consulted with her about what she thought about the hype surrounding F45. It makes us proud to be recognized for our teamwork and skills. The positive exposure of the news article, albeit short, provided a positive image for our company. 💪🏼

The original article is written by Emma Koehn and you can read the full article on The Sydney Morning Herald site here. You can follow Emma on Twitter

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