How To Protect Your Fitness Business Through COVID-19


The coronavirus may have forced your studio doors to close, but it does not mean that your community stops thriving or your revenue streams stop growing.

The heart and soul of any fitness business is always its community. Keeping your community connected to each other and to your business is more important than ever now as we navigate through unsettling and unprecedented times.

Here are a few ways to keep your members connected, and revenue coming in:

1. Keep memberships active by live-streaming classes.

Allow two way communication to continue by live streaming your classes through platforms such as ZOOM so that you can still coach, guide, motivate and inspire your members.

2. Create a library of workouts for clients to watch (and re-watch)

Create an on-demand experience by pre-recording your workouts to share to your members, so that they can train with you whenever it suits them.

3. Use social media to connect with customers

Use stories on Facebook and Instagram as an opportunity to connect with your followers and showcase what you're up to.

4. Create en exclusive Members Only Facebook Group

Deliver your all-star coaching experience via a paid closed Facebook Group by offering your members access to

- live workouts

- on demand workouts

- nutrition and allied health service workshops

- accountability coaching etc

5. Run at-home challenges

Keep members engaged and motivated by running fun at-home challenges with rewards. Examples include: Trivia nights, bingo challenges, live class attendance competitions, the best sweaty selfie competition and the list goes on...

6. Ramp up retail

Whether it is setting up "at home training - equipment starter kits" to sell online, offering bundle discounts with studio merchandise or even discounts on supplements - now is the time to ramp up your sales in retail.

7. Rent out your equipment

Add another revenue stream to your bottom line by renting out your equipment to current members who are unable to access the equipment they need to effectively workout as a perk of continuing a membership.

8. Host an online workshop / collaboration event

Give your paying members additional value through online workshops that will enhance your members health and well being.

9. Continue to service your members and connect with them.

Yes you heard right, pick up the phone, and give your member a call. Your members will miss seeing you in person, make their day by contacting them directly and let them know you're thinking of them.

10. Constantly ask for feedback, and pivot quickly when needed.

The digital world has literally made everything disposable. Don't let your members go looking for something else. When your clients offer you feedback, take it on board, and adapt necessary changes quickly. Your members will appreciate it, and you will strengthen the loyalty that they have with your brand.