6 Ways to boost your business with IGTV

ou might think that Instagram has too many features and you might not know where to start, but the great thing about Instagram is that they have created their different features to help creators and businesses grow their following.

IGTV is one of Instagram’s many features that you can utilise to gain more traction for your fitness business by creating your own channel which your followers can view on their phones or laptop/desktop.

You can add behind-the-scenes videos, introduce your team videos, and a sneak peek of your virtual classes.

Here’s a quick guide on how to use IGTV for your business.

1. Create an eye-catching thumbnail for your IGTV

The thumbnail is the first thing that people will see when browsing Instagram and is often the reason people will or won't engage.

2. Select the "best bits" to showcase in your preview

You have the option to choose the clip you wish to preview, be sure to carefully select the part that will grab the most attention and will make your audience want to watch the entire IGTV. Choose the parts where it tells the narrative of your IGTV without revealing what your video is all about.

3. Share it on your feed

Why do you still need to share your IGTV on your feed? Posting it on your feed will help your posts appear on the ‘Explore’ page on Instagram and gain more visibility not just for your video but for your fitness business as well. You can also use keywords and optimise the hashtags so that your posts will be more discoverable by your ideal client.

4. Share it on Your Stories

Unlike the regular Instagram Video, IGTV plays whenever it's shared on your Instagram stories - this is a really cool feature because your followers and non-followers can get a 15-second sneak peek once you share it as a story.

5. Improve your engagement through IGTV insights

Your account should be signed up as a business for you to be able to view the insights of your posts. For IGTV, Instagram will show you the Insights for every IGTV video you post, all you need to do is go to your IGTV channel, click on any video, tap on the three dots ‘...’ then tap on view Insights. It will let you know which type of content is working, what parts were watched, what parts were skipped, and where your audience stopped watching so take note of the attention span of your followers, the retention rate, and parts when your viewers usually lose interest and apply changes on your next IGTV videos.

6. Utilise the clickable links on IGTV

Unlike the videos that you post on your feed where you can only put ‘click link in bio’, Instagram has added the option where you can add clickable links on the captions of your IGTV. This is the perfect opportunity to insert an immediate response to your call to action links on your website, linked in page, or direct from your online store.